Hyundai Shifts Gears By Introducing Hybrid Cars and SUVs in India by 2027

   May 10,2024

There is a strategic U-turn from Hyundai Motor India, the country's second largest car maker. They are preparing to bring hybrid cars and SUVs into the market in the coming three years. This is in addition to their existing plans for EVs.


In a startling revelation, Hyundai Motor India has decided to alter its plans. Hybrids will now join the race for an electrified future in India. Hyundai Motor Group's executive chairman, Euisun Chung, reportedly told employees in India that hybrid technology will be a key component of their product lineup in India besides EVs. This news probably signifies a long-term strategy in the Indian market.

Which Cars May Get Hybrid

Sources add that Hyundai may bring hybrid powertrains into midsize SUVs and sedans. This could include all major models, such as Creta, Alcazar, Verna, and even the bigger Tucson SUV in the near future.

Why the Hybrid Spree?

There are two main reasons for this move. Firstly, the introduction of stricter emission norms in the near future sees diesel engines becoming expensive to update. Hybrid technology offers a more affordable way of staying competitive for mid-sized vehicles.

Secondly, sister company Kia has already announced their plans to bring hybrid cars to India. Hyundai will want to keep up with the game plan by entering the hybrid market.

Hyundai Still Quiet

While its primary rival, Maruti Suzuki, has already started developing hybrid options for India, Hyundai has yet to confirm this news.

Hyundai's EV Plans on Track

The move is more towards hybrids, but Hyundai is not ready to let go of EVs. They have committed an amount of Rs 33,000 crore towards the Indian market in the next ten years. In the coming year, they are planning to launch a localized electric Creta, and an EV car at mass market is coming in the year 2026-27. On the local EV battery production, the company has a joint venture with Exide Industries.

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Indian Hybrid Market

Maruti Suzuki, along with its joint venture Toyota, currently holds a majority of the Indian hybrid market share. They are likely to sell around 7.5 lakh hybrid vehicles by 2031, and customers in India get an affordable option. They are developing a series hybrid technology for the Indian market. The government is now considering tax benefits for hybrid vehicles to make them available at a lesser cost.

Indian Hybrid Market: Looking Ahead

Hyundai, therefore, is putting itself into a higher gear by entering the hybrid market in India. It hybrids and EVs in a portfolio that responds to the different needs of consumers. With tighter emission norms, demand is on the rise for more eco-friendly options, and, therefore, hybrid technology may become very important in the future of the Indian automotive industry. Though nothing of this nature has been officially announced, it seems that Hyundai is getting prepared to compete in the burgeoning hybrid segment.

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