Honda Motorcycle is joining the two-wheeler EV race

   Mar 16,2023

Honda's worldwide two-wheeler electrification strategy calls for the introduction of up to ten new EVs in various markets by 2025. In the next five years, the business anticipates selling one million electric motorcycles.


First EV product of Honda 

Honda announced at the introduction of its new Shine 100 commuter bike that it will announce its electric two-wheeler ambitions for India on March 29.

While Honda has not divulged the specifics of its first electric two-wheeler, it is almost probable that it will be a scooter. We have already discovered patents indicating that the corporation is developing an e-scooter based on Activa. Furthermore, Honda's president, MD, and CEO, Atsushi Ogata, said during the Activa H-Smart launch ceremony that the company will launch its first electric scooter in March 2024.

When Honda unveils its plans in a few weeks, there's a chance we'll see an early prototype version of this e-scooter. While the first model may have a permanent battery pack, Honda has stated that its long-term goal is to have vehicles with removable batteries supported by a battery-swapping network.

This is something the business already offers in other markets with its PCX Electric e-scooter, which uses a replaceable Honda Mobile Power Pack battery. Honda has established a company on our shores called Honda Power Pack Energy India, which is focused on building and expanding the swapping network for these batteries.

Honda intends to initially establish a new EV production line at its manufacturing facility in Vithalapur, Gujarat, in order to meet its electrification targets. In the long run, it is planned that its Narsapur, Karnataka plant will serve as the headquarters for its EV operations.

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Honda Motorcycle is joining the two-wheeler EV race

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