Ferrari's 499P Modificata Takes the Spotlight

   Oct 30,2023

Ferrari is now selling its Le Mans-winning 499P prototype racer as a unique, track-focused masterpiece, complete with a powerful 810hp hybrid V6 powerplant. The vehicle is distinguished by a high-performance F1-inspired electric powertrain, a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, and F1-style pushrod suspension.


Ferrari 499P modificata powertrain

 The 499P Modificata draws its power from the same mid-rear 3.0-liter hybridized V6 as the 499P. However, the engine in the 499P Modificata has been further fine-tuned to deliver a combined output of 707hp. An extra 81hp can be engaged for seven seconds at the driver's discretion, activated by a red "push to pass" button conveniently positioned behind the steering wheel. The car features a Formula 1-derived 800V electric motor propelling the front wheels, with the capability to recharge during deceleration and braking.

Although specific torque figures were not disclosed, it's worth noting that the electric motor generates 179Nm, while the V6 in the 296 GT3 produces 712Nm. This suggests that the two power sources combined could yield as much as 895Nm in the Modificata.

Ferrari expressed the complexity of engineering the powertrain to ensure the 499 Modificata's on-track performance remains accessible to drivers of varying experience levels. The engine mapping has been finely calibrated to effectively manage torque, even when pushing the car to its limits.


Design and platform of Ferrari 499P Modificata

Designed by the acclaimed Flavio Manzoni, known for his work on the F12 Berlinetta and Monza SP1, the car heavily relies on a network of ducts, channels, and vents to streamline airflow over its cab-rear design. The rear of the car is adorned with a wide light bar, a substantial rear spoiler to boost downforce, and carbon-fiber bumpers that expose the wheels and suspension components to the elements. Additionally, there's a carbon-fiber air intake that extends the length of the rear glasshouse, serving the dual purpose of cooling both the V6 engine and the battery.

The car's body is mounted on a robust carbon-fiber monocoque chassis, complemented by F1-inspired push-rod suspension. Ferrari's engineering approach has aimed to maximize driving exhilaration while ensuring predictable performance in all driving conditions.

The interior is purposefully minimalistic to save weight, but it does include essential features such as a digital rear camera, fixed bucket seats, an adjustable pedal rack, and a racing-style steering wheel.

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