CEAT kicks Off Epic 22,000km Rally from Mumbai to Magadan, Siberia

   Aug 07,2023

CEAT Tyres Joins Forces with Wander Beyond Boundaries (WBB) as Title Sponsor for Epic 22,000km Overland Drive from Mumbai to Magadan in Siberia, Crossing Five Countries and Six Time Zones.


Arnab Banerjee, MD and CEO of CEAT, performed the flag-off ceremony for this trip at RPG House in Mumbai. The trip, led by WBB founder Nidhi Salgame, a skilled extreme terrain driver, will take Indian vehicles equipped with Ceat tyres into the Pole of Cold, the coldest inhabited area on Earth.

Lakshmi Narayanan B, the Chief Marketing Officer at CEAT, emphasized, "At CEAT, we believe in pushing boundaries, and this expedition offers us a perfect opportunity to not only back Wander Beyond Boundaries in their historic endeavor but also to demonstrate the exceptional performance of CEAT tyres. As the team conquers challenging terrains on their remarkable 22,500km journey from India to Siberia, our tyres will showcase their reliability and prowess."

Salgame expressed, " The roots of our collaboration with CEAT can be traced back to the WBB expeditions in Zanskar and Beyond in Ladakh, as well as the Nagaland Offroad adventures. Throughout these journeys, CEAT All-Terrain Tyres have showcased exceptional performance and adaptation on diverse terrains, from dirt tracks to rocks, gravel, and streams. Embarking on the Road to Siberia is a true honor and privilege. This expedition is not only epic and historic but also doubly thrilling for me, as we are an all-Indian team, driving Indian vehicles equipped with Indian tyres!"

The crew of eight professionals from Bengaluru, Hubli, Hyderabad, and Pune includes drivers from a variety of backgrounds, including doctors, interior decorators, and an organic farmer. The exhilarating journey will follow a captivating route from Mumbai to Nepal, crossing the land border at Sanauli in Uttar Pradesh, then heading to Kathmandu and onward to Tibet. Along the way to Beijing, the team will make stops at renowned destinations such as the legendary Everest Base Camp and the historically significant city of Pingyao, among others. Afterward, they will navigate through Mongolia's challenging offroad trails before venturing into southern Siberia.

On the Trans-Siberian road, the team will cross Lake Baikal, the biggest freshwater lake in the world, before continuing east to Yakutsk in the Sakha Republic. They will next travel over the infamous Road of Bones, ending at Magadan after making a diversion to Oymyakon, also known as the Pole of Cold and the world's coldest inhabited location. Finally, the vehicles will be transported from Vladivostok to India.

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