Brighten Your Ride With HELLA Knight Series LED Modules

   Jul 05,2024

HELLA is a manufacturer of automotive lighting, and their LED modules are extremely common for upgrading your vehicle's headlights or adding auxiliary lights. Here's a breakdown of some of their LED modules to help you decide which might be right for your needs.


Understanding the Specs

Input Voltage: This is the voltage of the electric system that your module requires to run—either 12V or 9-48V.

Rated Power: This value describes how much power a certain module consumes, measured in watts. Typically, high wattage corresponds to high light intensity.

Luminous Flux: This is the total amount of light being given off by the module and is rated in lumens. The higher the number of lumens, the more intense the light is usually.

Color Temperature: This is the color of the light that is given off and is rated in Kelvin. 6000K represents a cool white color, very much like daylight.

Main Body: It refers to what the housing is made of. In this case, it was aluminum for better heat dissipation.

Life-Span: It is the number of hours the module is expected to last.

Warranty: This would be the warranty time by the manufacturer.

HELLA 90mm LED Module Options

HELLA offers a variety of 90mm LED modules to suit different purposes:

Knight Street M90 Dual Beam: It provides strong light intensity for low and high beams; it's great for your headlights. This style is available in two types: regular and double projector for a more enhanced light spread.

Knight Thunder M90 Single Color (Yellow): This is the fog light option for an excessively bright yellow beam so that you can improve your vision in foggy conditions.

Knight Thunder M90 Multi-Color Flashing: Available with dual color or three-color options, these modules work perfectly with emergency vehicles and construction sites that require flashing lights to increase their visibility.

HELLA also offers Modules in Smaller Sizes:

Knight Street M70 and M60 Dual Beam: This module gives similar performance to the M90 but in much smaller format, thus perfectly fitting smaller vehicles or additional lighting.

Knight Street M60 Three Color Flashing: The same as the M90 flashing option but in a more compact size.

Key Points to Consider

Dual Beam vs. Single Color: Dual beam modules can be run both for low and high beams, so they'll work in headlights. Single color modules would be suitable for fog lights or as auxiliary lighting.

Flashing Versus Steady Beam: It is suitable for emergency or construction vehicles. Steady beam modules are used for standard lighting applications.

Size: Be sure the size is compatible with the light housing your module will sit in, inside your vehicle.

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Knowing what specifications and functionalities HELLA's LED modules have, anyone will be able to choose the appropriate type to complement the visibilities and safeties of any vehicle. Now all you need to do is to install it by consulting your vehicle's manual or a qualified technician.

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