Dec 02,2019

The Nagaland Adventure & Motor Sports Association (NAMSA) in collaboration with state’s tourism department has been successfully conducting the World War II Peace Rally. World War II Peace Rally is held during the Hornbill Festival to commemorate the Battle of Kohima and also to promote peace and unity.

This rally has turned out to be a major attraction during the annual Hornbill Festival and has had many enthusiastic participants over the years with teams  coming not only from far off states but also from foreign countries.

The WW-II Peace Rally has been held successfully and continuously since its inception in 2010 till date.


Prizes / Awards:

  1. Most Original Vehicle                                Trophy            + Rs. 1,50,000/-       
  2. Best Maintained Vehicle                            Trophy            + Rs.    70,000/-
  3. Best Weaponry                                           Trophy            + Rs.    20,000/-
  4. Best Uniformed Squad                               Trophy            + Rs.    30,000/-
  5. Best Ladies Squad                                      Trophy            + Rs.    30,000/-
  6. Best Tourism Promotional Team                Trophy            + Rs.    20,000/-
  7. Best Disciplined Squad                              Trophy            + Rs.    20,000/-
  8. Best Scout                                                   Trophy            + Rs.    10,000/-


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