The Women on Wheels (WOW) Yokohama Car Rally

   May 21,2023

The WOW Yokohama rally has a mission to create awareness and provide a unique opportunity for women and is happening with the belief that every woman deserves a safe driving experience. This rally serves as a platform for women to voice their demands for improved driving conditions and facilities.

  • The WOW Yokohama rally is held in TSD (Time, Speed, Distance) format, which is a unique kind of rallying in which crossing the finish line first is not the goal.

  • The rally is limited to female drivers only.

  • There can be a navigator also to track the route, determine the average speed, and guarantee that the team stays on track by offering instructions to the driver and help in staying on time.

  • To be able to score points, participants must cover the distance in the required time.

    This rally paves the way for a future where women can navigate the roads with confidence and freedom. Through the collective efforts of participants, organizers, and supporters, the WOW Yokohama rally contributes to creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all women, both within and beyond the workplace.

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