Mahindra Adventure 2018: Royal Escape

   Dec 25,2018

magine traversing one of the most colourful states in India and staying in palatial accommodation and you get a rough idea of the Royal Escape. Now add to that some desert tracks and dune bashing and the picture gets even better. The local delicacies and an unforgettable new year party thrown in for good measure and it all falls in place. This is one adventure you have to enjoy with your loved ones as there is something for everyone in it. The event is held in the last week of December and that means the weather is near perfect with pleasant days and cool nights. The curators of this event, XSO, has tremendous experience in organising the extreme rally-raid event, the Desert Storm, and the Royal Escape convoy will be treading through some of the exciting rally routes. Sign up and you will be rewarded with a new year experience like no other.