IARC BJC Jeep Bangalore Meet

   Feb 14,2021

Bangalore Jeep Club is the group of enthusiastic Jeepers from Karnataka. Like the page and be part of the Most Active Jeep Club in India.

Part of JEEPAG India https://www.jeepag.com/jeep-clubs/bangalore-jeep-club/

This event is themed around rpad safety and BJC has partnered with IARC 2021 to bring the message of Road Safety to the masses.

Evennt will be streamed live on www.indiagainstroadcrash.org


Bangalore Jeep Club :

The logo is designed in a structure to represent the shape of Compass and the official Jeep Logo is positioned to south which represents our territory.
Our tag line ”Not all who wander are lost” a line in one of the poem from "The Lord of the Rings" distinctly points out that only a Legendary Jeep can hike with wheels, to the unthinkable terrain and the Compass will assure that we are never lost in a Jeep.
Two cheers - generally inferred for an outstanding spirit and enthusiasm set out to encourage fellows, we incorporated two stars for two cheers in our logo, to inspire our fellow Jeepers to explore the infinity.
This club connects the fellow Jeepers of Karnataka, who are very passionate in driving and wander to the shores, ridges and what not.  We believe that the more we are associated with fellow Jeepers – an opportunity arises in venturing to new places and learn new tricks that we never imagined what a Jeep can do.
Our club members avail an opportunity to a safer off roading experiences with fellow Jeepers – whether younger or older nothing stops us from giving it a try in a Jeep.  The club is one of the best ways to socialize and meet up Jeepers with similar interests.
Last not the least every member is cheerfully conscious about the Jeep Wave when they hit either the roads or terrains.