Gumball India 2020

   Dec 25,2020

It cannot be simpler. You start from one end of India till you reach the finish across the country. There would be mandatory checkpoints en-route where you need to compulsorily check-in. Continuous driving endurance between the two crew members is essential to finish. Other than that route is free. Objective is to reach the end with minimum penalties

Live tracking of all cars will add to the fun. For those watching in be they your supporters or those rooting for your competition.This will also enable your backend team to help you find the best route and advise over real time!!


Gumball India endurance drive has a unique format that blends endurance with ability to navigate.

  • Travel minimum distance from start to finish through all the checkpoints.
  • Use best navigation to find the shortest distance from checkpoint to checkpoint and overall. 
  • Minimum stops time / halts are to be done including those for fuel, tolls, bio-breaks, meals or rest.
  • In car system will record all stops and cumulative stop time will be used as part of classification.
  • Reach the end within maximum allowed time with probable average of less than 60 kilometre per hour.
  • Gumball India endurance drive has very few and simple rules to be observed by all participants:

  • Start is allowed only within the time window communicated to competing crews.
  • Only the declared two members of the crew will be present in the vehicle from start to finish.
  • Crews have to check-in at all checkpoints before reaching the finish.
  • Checkpoints may be done in any order.
  • The crews and vehicle may be subject to scrutiny, at random, at any of the checkpoint or en-route. Time for such scrutiny will not count towards classification.